We are pleased to advise that Lucas Trihey of Event Safety Services is our Medical and Safety Co-Ordinator at Six Foot this year.

With not long to go, Lucas has provided the following advice and guidance to help runners anticipate and prepare for the potential weather conditions on race day. Lucas is also advising the race on measures and controls it should put in place to minimise risks, given conditions.

Forecast may of course vary between now and race day, so please keep an eye out here and on our website for further updates.



In past years the weather conditions for the hot parts of the Six Foot course are more like the Penrith forecast than closer (higher and breezier) towns like Katoomba or Oberon. 
In the heat of 2016 this proved a reliable way to forecast for Six Foot.
Based on Penrith’s forecast for Saturday, on the hottest parts of Six Foot we
 can expect high 20's / 30C in the shade and humidity of 75%. 
For those that ran last year, warm and humid combination could be similar or worse than 2016. 
This combination puts us in the range for high risk of heat injury according to the American College of Sports Medicine heat guidelines.

  • Wear loose, light coloured clothing.
  • Use the ice water dousing stations. 
  • Grab ice packs to keep you cool. 
  • Drink if thirsty but don’t over hydrate (taking on too much fluid won’t prevent heat stroke).
  • If the heat is getting to you slow your pace or stop and rest in the shade.
  • If you feel funny in the head or overly hot or headachy come and see the medics who are trained in heat injury.

We will continue to monitor and will update closer to the day.