Complete Runner History

We have struggled for a few years with the best way to present our complete runner history for people to read. We have decided to put it in a large spreadsheet so people can view/filter etc.


We want people to scrutinise and make sure this is correct - we have issues where people change their name, spell their name differently from year to year and even people who use numerous dates of birth (!). If you see your details are incorrect then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask Ben to correct it.



Download the history from 1984 to latest race in excel format  HERE (>20mb).


Frequent Runners

The frequent runner list counts a runners number of finishes. That is entered but did not start (DNS) and Did Not Finish (DNF) do not count.


Note that some years there were varying cut-off times - it has been 8hrs 00mins, 7hrs 30mins and 7hrs 00mins - and this list has counted all finishes not just those under the cut-off. Therefore it is not a 100% accurate indicator of belt / buckle status.


Click here to view list

Courtesy of Australian Mountain Running Association

Fastest Runner Times

Many of our runners treat the Six Foot Track as a race and like to compare their fastest times over the years.


List of fastest times run (ie some people have multiple entries): Click here to view list

List of each runner's best time (ie one time listed per runner - their fastest): Click here to view list

Courtesy of Australian Mountain Running Association

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