Race Rules

General Conditions

  • Runners are not allowed to transfer or sell their entry, under NO circumstances may a person start the event assuming the identity of another or without being properly entered. Any such act will result in the respective entry being cancelled and all details removed from the official results as well as both the original entrant and person who runs under their name refused entry in future events.
  • Bandit Runners - While the race is conducted on public land and access is not restricted to the general public, for the safety of all official entrants and as part of our medical and evacuation plans any person identified as having run on a substantial portion of the course on race day at the same time as the race without a valid entry will be refused entry in future events. 
  • Walking Poles - Given the nature of various parts of our course, for the safety of all entrants no walking poles are allowed to be used on race day on any part of the course.
  • Headphones and speakers - Headphones may be used after the Coxs River crossing. Speakers are not allowed to be used on race day. Runners who do opt to use headphones need to be especially alert along Black Range where they may encounter race support vehicles travelling in either direction.
  • All runners agreeing to the terms and conditions as part of their entry also must have read and understood the specific race rules listed here but also the information contained within this website, which may be changed at any time up to the start of the event.
  • Runners must start in their allocated wave or risk disqualification or time penalty.
  • This is a physically arduous and mentally challenging event and no responsibility will be taken for any accidents/injuries. (Runners are strongly advised to have their own medical insurance covering the costs of medical evacuation).
  • The Race Committee may prevent any runner from starting, even after their entry has been accepted, or retire a runner during the event, if it is decided that the runner may be placing themselves or others at any risk whatsoever, or for any other reason.
  • The Race Committee may decide to decline a runners request to enter the race or cancel a runners entry if already processed if the published entry process has not been followed or for any other reason.
  • All runners shall obey directions from Race Officials, Police, Medical, Ambulance, Rural Fire Service personnel and Pacers/Sweepers. Failure to adhere to these rules or directions on the day may result in the runner not being accepted for entry for future races.
  • All runners must be 18 or over on race day
  • All runners must have satisfied the published qualification criteria at the time of entry. Any runner found to have used incorrect details in regards to their qualification data may have their entry cancelled.


Entry Cancellation and Refund Policy

If, after gaining a confirmed entry for the race, a runner finds that he/she is not able to start for whatever reason (including injury) then they are able to cancel their entry. All entrants who have officially cancelled their entry by midnight the Wednesday before race day are eligible to be able to enter the race the following year (subject to having an eligible qualifier) as part of the Preferred entry process and will also be eligible for a 50% discount on the entry fee. All cancellations are based upon the following rules

  • Entry cancelled from date of entry to Midnight Wednesday March 6th 2019
    • A cancellation fee of 50% of the entry fee paid will be applied
    • Instead of a refund, the remaining 50% of the entry fee paid will be applied as a 50% discount off the entry fee for the race in the following year
    • Entry in the following year is eligible through the Preferred Entry category. (Note that Preferred Entrants do still need to meet the published qualification criteria for that year)
  • Any donations made to RFS as part of entry process will not be refunded if an entry is cancelled
  • Any merchandise ordered as part of a cancelled entry will not be refunded, but posted out.
  • Entries cancelled after Midnight Wednesday March 6th will be considered and treated as a DNS (Did Not Start)
  • DNS, DNF (Did Not Finish) or Disqualified Entrants are not eligible for these cancellation benefits
  • The eligibility for Preferred entry and rolled forward discount does not apply over multiple years. Entrants who need to cancel 2 years in a row will instead be eligible for a refund and will need to enter through the normal entry process the following year.

To cancel your entry please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming your understanding of this policy and the cancellation will be processed


General Race Cancellation

Given the nature of our course there might certain situations, such as bushfire or flood, where the race must be cancelled. In the history of the race this has only occurred once, in 2012 due to flooding of Cox's River. As much advance notice as possible will be given to entrants but the nature of the crisis might allow no more than 12 hours. If this situation seems that it may occur organisers will provide updates through the website and race facebook page. A revised start and finish day/time/location is not logistically possible given the numbers of runners, the remote locations and the volunteers required along the course. If there is any reason why the race is cancelled, entrants agree that all race entry fees will be put towards costs already accrued for the race, plus a small dividend for the RFS. Any remaining balance can then be distributed to the entrants. Clothing orders cannot be cancelled or refunded and clothing will be posted if the race is cancelled.

The main NSW bushfire season extends from October to April but in this area of the Blue Mountains the critical danger period is during December and January. The RFS logistics are such that a minor fire in the Blue Mountains region should not affect their staffing of the race, but a major fire, or fire on the course would clearly affect the race.

Flash Flooding is quite possible of the Cox's River (ie very quick to rise and then fall again). Using the bowtells bridge to cross is not an option as it is limited to one person at a time and even assuming 1-2mins per person would still take more than 12hours to get the complete race across. 

Race Numbers and chips

A runner will not be eligible for an award, medallion, certificate or other prize unless completing the course as provided in these rules, within the official time limit and wearing the official race number, attached to the front of their clothes, preferably on his or her chest, so the words "Six Foot Track Marathon" and the allotted race number can be seen throughout the duration of the event. Please do not cut or fold the race number. Runners who choose to run the race without a shirt must have the complete uncut race number pinned to the front of their shorts. Rural Fire Service personnel log race numbers at aid stations for the safety of runners and they must have a clear view of every race number.


Runners who are taking prescribed medication must provide details on the back of their race number in the space allocated. You should consult your doctor for an assessment of your fitness to complete in this event.

Pacers and Sweepers

All sweepers and pacers have the authority to withdraw any runner, at any time, who they feel is unlikely to complete the run within the cut-off period allowed (and their judgement is final). They may also decide to retire runners at an aid station if they feel that this is in the best interests of the runner and/or the race. In addition, any runner that fails to meet the cut-off times specified below will be withdrawn by an official sweeper or other authorised race official.

A runner who is withdrawn must remove the race number and surrender it to the sweeper or other race official. Some runners striving to fullfil personal goals may be tempted to disregard the sweeper by continuing after having been officially retired. Remember that in entering the race you have agreed to follow official directions, and if required, retire gracefully. Aid Stations will be dismantled as soon as the sweepers have passed and tired runners cannot be left on their own in remote country. Due to the inherent dangers of travelling these mountain tracks in a fatigued state, this selfish luxury cannot be afforded and will result in the runner being barred from all future Six Foot Track Marathons.

As a reward for volunteering, the Sweepers and Pacers are the only people that gain free entry to the race and will be recorded as official finishers even if their time is outside the official cut-off time. Their run will count towards awards such as buckles etc


Cut Off Times

Part of the history, tradition and challenge of The Six Foot Track Marathon is to complete the event within the maximum allowable time of 7:00:00. This is a difficult challenge and the main reason why there are strict entry criteria for the event. There are intermediate cut-off limits for those runners that have made insufficient progress to make the time limit possible.

  • Cut-off 1: Cox’s River crossing (15.5 km) 2 hrs 10 mins
  • Cut-off 2: Pluviometer (26.0 km) 4 hrs 10 mins
  • Cut-off 3: Caves Road crossing (37.9 km) 6 hrs 10 mins
  • Cut-off 4: Finish at Jenolan Caves (45.0 km) 7 hrs 00 mins


Supporters and Transport

Given the unique nature of our event with parking and traffic contraints around both start and finish line locations all runners and supporters also need to comply with the various race day guidelines and rules as also published on this website.


Evacuation of DNF / Retired Runners from the course

Each year a small number of runners for various reasons will need to withdraw or be withdrawn from the race along the course.

  • Once withdrawn the runner hands over their bib no to the race official / sweeper.
  • The runners name and bib details are communicated to the Finish Line, and the runner is formally recorded as retired / as a DNF.
  • Our first priority is the safety of all runners and so that runner will be unable to re-join the race or to continue under their own steam along the course to the finish line.

The medical team will make any appropriate decisions regarding medical evacuations if required.

Emergency contact details provided by the runner will be used to advise of runner status.

Once details have been communicated to race officials at the finish line, the status of retired / dnf runners will be posted on a white board.

Our aim is to transport all non-medical retired runners to the finish line as soon as practical and feasible, to re-unite them with their supporters, family, friends, drop bags and to enjoy the finish line experience.

However, we do ask for your patience.

The significant logistical challenges of the course means that it will take much longer to get retired runners to the finish line than to get there under their own steam!

Circumstances on the day will vary, but as a general guideline:

  • If a runner is retired between Megalong Road and Pluviometer, they will most likely be transferred to Lemon Tree Yards Aid Station in the first instance.
  • They will be held here until such time as they can be evacuated with other runners, off the course, via Lowther to Jenolan Caves Road to Hampton Hotel / then via Duckmaloi Road via scheduled bus or support vehicle to the finish line.
  • This whole process will take several hours.
  • If a runner is retired somewhere between Pluviometer and Caves Road, they will most likely be transferred through to Jenolan Cottages Aid Station in the first instance.
  • They will be held here, until such time as they can be evacuated with other runners via the RFS bus or one of the coaches travelling in the direction of the finish line.
  • If a runner prefers not to be transferred through to the finish line, they may alternatively elect to wait at Jenolan Cottages or be dropped off at the junction of Duckmaloi and Jenolan Caves Road to wait be collected by a departing coach back to Katoomba.



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