2018 Entry Details


The Six Foot Track Marathon has a unique history and is a unique partnership.

A race run by runners for runners, Supported by and used as a fundraiser in support of Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service. This race relies on their active support on the course, and also provides a critical training opportunity bringing all 27 local brigades working together on one day each year.

Our Aim is to continually look to improve the event for everyone and continue to deliver value for money.

A reminder that all potential entrants must have a valid qualifier in place as per the published list

Further details on the criteria for Preferred vs General Entry eligibility are available here


  • Dates and times for entries to open are below
    • 9am (Sydney Daylight Saving Time) Monday November 27th and will remain open for 36 hours
    • There will be 2 separate entry forms/links published
      • The first will be for confirmed entry for eligible Preferred Entrants, there is no limit on number of Preferred Entrants but the total number is expected to be less than a third of total entry spots available
      • The second will be for General Entrants to register for the General Entry Lottery (there is no cost to register for the lottery)
  • The entry fee for the 2018 race is remains unchanged at $195 per runner
  • The entry fee includes
    • Complimentary buses for all entrants and associated spectators for race, no tickets or booking needed
    • An official Six Foot Track finishers bag which will contain a number of items of running related merchandise for future use in training and other races. This will not include a top or cap however these items will still be available for purchase separately as part of the entry process.
    • Free post race catering for all finishers of a drink and food package
  • Wave allocations will be based upon your qualifying event and time. 

Preferred Entry Registration

Only entrants who satisfy one of the Preferred Entry eligibility criteria should use this process. If you enter through this process and are not eligible your entry will be cancelled and you will also miss out on being able to participate in the General Entry Lottery Process.

The Preferred Entry Process will be as follows :

  • Preferred registrations will open at 9am on Monday November the 27th and will remain open for 36 hours (ie will close at 9pm Tuesday November 28th)
  • There is no limit on the number of Preferred Entrants as long as they satisfy the published Preferred Entry Criteria
  • Once the Preferred registrations are closed there is no further opportunity for entries to be accepted as all available entry spots will be full.

General Entry Lottery Registration

Following on from the new process from last year the available General Entry places will be allocated through a lottery process to ensure a fair and even process for all potential entrants. This was introduced given the unique nature of our event and the size of our available entry spots vs the high demand from potential entrants. The previous fastest entry approach saw entries fill within a space of 5 minutes and a number of potential entrants miss out on being able to secure an entry spot due to means beyond their control.

The General Entry process will be as follows :

  • Registrations for the lottery will open at 9am on Monday November the 27th and will remain open for 36 hours (ie will close at 9pm Tuesday November 28th)
  • There is no limit on the number of unique General Entry Lottery registrations
  • There is no cost or fee to register for the lottery
  • All lottery registrants must have a valid qualifying event at the time of entry
  • We will not collect your qualifying event detail for the lottery registration, this will be done if you are successful in the lottery as you complete a formal race registration.
  • Only one lottery registration per person is allowed. Any person submitting multiple registrations will have all lottery entries (or actual successful general entry spots) cancelled. (You will receive a confirmation email for your lottery entry)
  • After the lottery is closed a random draw for the number of available General Entry spots will be conducted
  • The lottery will be conducted on the morning of Wednesday November 29th and the results will be publicised through the Six Foot Track Marathon Website, Facebook page and via email to the successful registrants.
  • All successful lottery winners will be sent a link via email to be able to formally confirm and pay for their official entry. They will have until 9pm Thursday November 30th to confirm and pay for their entry
  • Successful Lottery entries are not transferable
  • Any offered lottery spots that have not been confirmed by 9pm Thursday November 30th will expire. A supplementary lottery draw will then be conducted from the remaining lottery registrants to fill any remaining spots.
  • There will not be a third lottery
  • All unsuccessful lottery registrants will then be offered the option to register for the Third Time Lucky process.
  • There is no waitlist. As per the last number of years we oversubscribe the number of accepted entries knowing the withdrawal rate between now and race day. This is done to give as many people as possible the ability to train and prepare for the race with a confirmed entry.

Official Entry Process  

  • URL links will be posted ahead of time on the official website and facebook page. 
  • We are using the Activeworks platform for registrations, you can check/create your profile ahead of time by going to www.active.com In the top right hand corner there are options to either sign in using an existing profile/email address or to sign up with a new one. It is very important that you use an email address for this profile that you will be regularly monitoring through the entry week.
  • If your computer/device has not already been logged in to Activeworks, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password and once this is confirmed you will be then prompted to confirm your name
  • If your computer/device has already been logged in to Activeworks it will simply prompt you to confirm your name

Once you have successfully logged in you will see the message "Your spot will be held for 15 minutes while you complete checkout". You will then see the remainder of the registration form. Please now do take the time to enter all the details carefully as follows :

  • Personal details
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Address
    • Emergency contact name and contact number : Please note for Emergency contact details, due to the challenges with Mobile Phone reception both on course and at the finish we ask that you do not nominate either someone who will be spectating on course or another runner as it is likely that if we need to use the emergency contact details neither of these will be able to be contacted.
  • For Preferred Entrants only, a dropdown list of the various Preferred Entry categories will be then provided, you need to select the applicable option. If you do not satisfy one of these options then you are not eligible for a Preferred Entry and need to register for the General Entry Lottery Process. Anyone who enters in the Preferred process that is not eligible will have this entry cancelled and will most likely also miss out on the General Entry Lottery.
  • Entry Details : All entrants for 2018 need to enter the following details
    • The qualifying race, from a drop down list (a year if applicable) and then the run time in hours and minutes.
    • We then require a "cut and paste" link to the website where this performance is published as we do check all qualifying details for validity
    • How many Six Foot Track races you have previously completed
    • Your preference for the catered food at the finish which is included as part of your entry (meat vs vegan)
    • Optional information
      • A running club or team, from a drop down list of teams & clubs from last year, there is also the option of creating a new club/team if required
      • Name of unit if you are eligible for the fire fighter award
      • Name of partner if you are running with a partner for the partner award
      • Name or nickname to print on your bib
      • An interesting fact for the announcer to potentially use as you finish
  • All entrants will then have the option of an additional voluntary donation to the Blue Mountains RFS which will have a receipt issued for tax purposes.
    • For those entrants who may wish to donate $1000 to the RFS and secure a preferred entry spot on Monday the 27th we offer the option of paying this via direct deposit into our account 
    • If you wish to do a direct deposit please contact us ahead of entries opening via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • This needs to be done before or at the time of Preferred Entry, once the Preferred Entry process is complete the remainder of the available entry spots are set aside for General Entries. We will not be able to accept any additional preferred entries using the $1000 donation option after the Preferred Entry process is complete
  • You can then order official 2018 clothing in either singlets, T Shirts, caps, arm warmers or a beer squealer which will be available for collection at registration and the finish. 
  • This year we are again offering the option to register for the official training weekend which will be held in mid January 
  • You will also be prompted to confirm that you agree to the race terms and conditions
  • Then you will be asked for payment via credit card. Please note that we do not accept American Express.
  • All entries are subject to the Race Rules including cancellation and refund policies.