Cancellation process

Entry Cancellation and Refund Policy

Important update given the general race cancellation of the 2020 race as announced February 26th. All entries for the 2020 Six Foot Track Marathon are now on hold. We will provide an update as soon as possible with Frequently Asked Questions as to the options available for 2020 entrants and the impact of the general race cancellation on the entry process for the 2021 race. The standard cancellation process below is suspended given this development.

If, after gaining a confirmed entry for the race, a runner finds that he/she is not able to start for whatever reason (including injury) then they are able to cancel their entry. All entrants who have officially cancelled their entry by midnight the Wednesday before race day are eligible to be able to enter the race the following year (subject to having an eligible qualifier) as part of the Preferred entry process and will also be eligible for a 50% discount on the entry fee. All cancellations are based upon the following rules

  • Entry cancelled from date of entry to Midnight Wednesday 11 March 2020

    • A cancellation fee of 50% of the entry fee paid will be applied

    • Instead of a refund, the remaining 50% of the entry fee paid will be applied as a 50% discount off the entry fee for the race in the following year

    • Entry in the following year is eligible through the Preferred Entry category. (Note that Preferred Entrants do still need to meet the published qualification criteria for that year)

  • Any donations made to RFS as part of entry process will not be refunded if an entry is cancelled

  • Any merchandise ordered as part of a cancelled entry will not be refunded, but posted out.

  • Entries cancelled after Midnight Wednesday March 11th will be considered and treated as a DNS (Did Not Start)

  • DNS, DNF (Did Not Finish) or Disqualified Entrants are not eligible for these cancellation benefits

  • The eligibility for Preferred entry and rolled forward discount does not apply over multiple years. Entrants who need to cancel two years in a row will instead be eligible for a refund and will need to enter through the normal entry process the following year.


To cancel your entry please send an email to confirming your understanding of this policy and the cancellation will be processed

General race cancellation

Given the nature of our course there might certain situations, such as bushfire or flood, where the race must be cancelled. In the history of the race this has only occurred once, in 2012 due to flooding of Cox's River. As much advance notice as possible will be given to entrants but the nature of the crisis might allow no more than 12 hours. If this situation seems that it may occur organisers will provide updates through the website and race facebook page. A revised start and finish day/time/location is not logistically possible given the numbers of runners, the remote locations and the volunteers required along the course. If there is any reason why the race is cancelled, entrants agree, when they enter, that all race entry fees will be put towards costs already accrued for the race, plus a small dividend for the RFS. Any remaining balance can then be distributed to the entrants. Voluntary donations made to the RFS during entry and clothing orders cannot be cancelled or refunded and clothing will be posted if the race is cancelled.


In addition in the unfortunate event of a general race cancellation entrants understand and accept that this may also have an impact on the Preferred and General Entry eligibility process for subsequent years.

The main NSW bushfire season extends from October to April but in this area of the Blue Mountains the critical danger period is during December and January. The RFS logistics are such that a minor fire in the Blue Mountains region should not affect their staffing of the race, but a major fire, or fire on the course would clearly affect the race.

Flash Flooding is quite possible of the Cox's River (ie very quick to rise and then fall again). Using the Bowtells bridge to cross is not an option as it is limited to one person at a time and even assuming 1-2 minutes per person would still take more than 12 hours to get the complete race across. 


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