Start Line logistics

Wave allocations

The wave allocations below have been calculated directly from your entry registration and the submitted qualifying race and time that you provided. 

CLICK HERE for the 2020 wave allocation list.

The expected start times for each wave are:

Wave 1 - 7:00am

Wave 2 - 7:05am

Wave 3 - 7:15am

Wave 4 - 7:30am

Wave 5 - 7:45am

Note that you may start in a later wave than you have been allocated, but starting in an earlier wave will result in disqualification from the race. 

Tip Make sure you leave plenty of time! There will be queues for the carpark, buses and toilets. 

Runners bags

All runners can drop one bag only to the Drop bag truck for transport to the finish line. All bags must be on the truck by 7:35am at the latest. To prevent waste it is preferable for you use the bag tag which is on your bib. This attaches securely to a handle on your bag, ask a volunteer at the start if you are not sure.

Portaloos and urinals

There are portaloos at the start and urinals as well for the blokes. There will be a queue but please respect our neighbours and do not go in the bushes, it is private land around the start line

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