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2021 wave allocation and start process

For 2021 we will be using a rolling start process.

We have prepared a schedule of key times for key locations based upon your wave allocation below. You need to plan your morning around these times allocated to your wave because we need to minimise the number of runners present at the Start and the Finish to comply with the Six Foot Track Marathon Covid-19 Safe Plan and NSW government regulations. Once you arrive at the start you need to be prepared to immediately start running based upon the starting shutes in place.

Runners bags : Runners cannot leave any unwanted clothing or a drop bag at the Start. If you wear it or take it to the Start then it goes with you to Jenolan Caves.

Portaloos and urinals : The portaloos and urinals are at KCC. Do not defecate or urinate in the bushes, it is private land around the start line

For those using  a mobile you can also click on the link below to better view the wave allocations


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