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2024 wave allocation and start process

As a result of post race runner feedback from the 2023 race for the 2024 race we will have 6 waves, each being smaller in size but with less time in between to better manage the numbers decending Nellies Glen at the same time.


Provisional wave start times are :

  • Wave 1 700:am

  • Wave 2 7:05am

  • Wave 3 7:15am

  • Wave 4 7:25am

  • Wave 5 7:35am

  • Wave 6 7:45am

Runners drop bags : There will be no drop bags at the start line. Drop bags can be left at bib pick up on Friday at Cafe 2773 or at the KCC car park on Saturday morning before boarding the shuttle bus. Runners cannot leave any unwanted clothing or a drop bag at the Start. If you wear it or take it to the Start then it goes with you to the finish.

2024 Waves

The wave allocations have been made based upon the qualifying event and time submitted during the entry process. If any runners want to change waves to run with friends this is done only in a down direction, the faster runner must request to be moved to a later wave. Any requests to move to a faster wave are rarely approved and need to have substantial supporting performance information separate to the details used as a qualifying event.  All wave change questions and requests need to be emailed to as soon as possible, there will be no changes processed once the bibs are printed.

As we process entry cancellations some people may be moved to a higher wave to balance each wave numbers. Once complete we will email all entrants confirming both wave allocation and bib number

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