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NSW Rural Fire Service

Since the start of the Six Foot Track Marathon, back in 1984, all proceeds were given to the NSW Rural Fire Service, not only because it is a volunteer organisation that provides a fantastic service for the safety of the community, but because they provide all the logistical help on the day, and the run would just not happen without their assistance.

In recent years, the race has generally managed to raise huge donations, with 2020 being a record-breaking $75,285.

Please feel free to help us raise additional money by asking friends, family and work colleagues to donate money for your effort - raising more than just a sweat.

Upkeep and maintenance of the track

The Six Foot Track Marathon pays an annual fee, determined by NSW Department of Lands, to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the track. This helps to balance the demands the runners make on the environment with the ongoing sustainability of the track. The funds have been used for various projects : installation of decomposing toilets, water tanks, updated styles, signs, notice boards and upkeep of camping grounds. 

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