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The race is coordinated by unpaid volunteers from the Six Foot Track Marathon organising committee.

This is the Six Foot Track Marathon website.

General queries about the Six Foot Track path/walk should be directed to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Please try to find the information on this website first

We find the best way to answer queries is through the email address below. This helps us keep track of questions we are getting asked regularly and may highlight an opportunity for us to add more information to our newsletters and website on a particular topic.


The race committee is made up entirely of volunteers who also have work responsibilities outside of the race, but we will endeavour to always come back to you as soon as possible once receiving your email.

Postal address

Six Foot Track Marathon
PO Box 21161
World Square
NSW 2002


For any additional information please email us via


We also have an email newsletter that you can subscribe to, simply send an email to and you will be added to the list.

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