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Complete runner history

We have put our complete runner history in a large spreadsheet for people to view and filter. Please let us know if there are any errors - we do have issues where people change their name, spell their name differently from year to year and even people who use numerous dates of birth (!). If you see your details are incorrect then please email and ask for it to be corrected.

Download the history from 1984 to latest race in excel format HERE

Fastest Race Splits


Six Foot Track Marathon has had Cox's river and Pluviometer splits since 2004. There was however a technical problem in 2009 with the Pluviometer split. in 2016, a Caves Road split was introduced. In 2017, a Megalong Road split was introduced.

Other results

Course age group records


Team results

Mob Run results

Firefighter Award

Partners Prize

Finishers facts

Including multiple winners and oldest competitors

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