Spectator Information


Mobile Phone Coverage is very unreliable at the finish line and can be non existent in other parts of the course. Please take screen shots or print the following information if you need to rely on these instructions on race day. 

Live results on the day can be found here : www.sixfoot.com/results/live-results.html.


Where to see your runner

0km - The Start

Watching the start is easy. You will need to park at the official parking area and catch the shuttle bus with your runner (no charge). There is no space at all for parking at the start line and parking on the Great Western Highway near the start is strongly discouraged as it is very unsafe with minimal off road space and traffic moving at 100km/hr. People who attempt to park near the start not only endanger themselves but also the future conduct of the race.

Note that you will see the runners dash off into the bush and over the cliff into the valley below, so you don't see a lot, but the atmosphere is worth it. The smart spectator will walk down the track a little and find a tucked away spot and watch the runners come towards them and go past, but not where it becomes narrow. Once you have seen your runner depart you have two choices.

  1. Catch the official shuttle bus from the start line to the finish. 

  2. Catch the official shuttle bus back to Katoomba (buses will stop at the Carrington, YHA Katoomba and the race day car park) and drive out to the various spectator points detailed below 


8km - Megalong Valley

Drive from the parking area at Katoomba to Blackheath, and follow the Megalong Valley Road to the junction with Six Foot Track. If you have gone to the start line and watched your runner start then you will not have enough time to get back to your car and drive to the Megalong Valley spectator point. Expect the first runners through here approx 30 minutes into the run, and the slowest about 1 hour 20 minutes. Unless you are desperate to see your runner, you can give the Megalong Valley a miss. The runners cross the road and are gone. There is an aid station here, but as its early in the run, many runners don't stop here, or if they do its not for long.

With the consent of the track manager (Department of Primary Industries – Lands), and to ensure the safety of runners and public on race day, public access to the Six Foot Track from Megalong Road through to Coxes River will be restricted and controlled between 7:00am and 9:00am on Race Day. RFS and Race Management personnel at Aid Stations between these locations will enable access during this period, only to issued and displaying numbered race bibs.

After the Megalong Valley, you can't easily see your runner for a long time, so a stop at Blackheath for coffee & breakfast is a nice option.


34km - Black Range

The next spot to view runners is along the Black Range. To get here you need to turn into Black Range Road opposite Boggy Creek Road, this is about 33km along Jenolan Caves Road from the Great Western Highway. This is a dirt road and about 1km in there is an intersection near a campground where the runners go past, along with an aid station. This is a great spot to cheer and encourage your runner. NRG typically set up a loud cheer squad here equipped with numerous cowbells.


38km - Jenolan Caves Road

The route crosses Jenolan Caves Road, and at this junction there is a small amount of parking (always follow instructions from Rural Fire Service Staff who man the aid station here). The location is close to where the road drops down to Jenolan Caves - it should be easy to see as there will be RFS and other vehicles parked on the left, and someone to stop the traffic as runners come thru. Expect the first runners through here approx 2 hours 45 minutes into the run, and the slowest about 6 hours. If you choose to spectate here, you will not be able to get to the finish line in time to watch your runner finish. 


45km - The Finish

Due to the closure of the main road to Jenolan Caves (5 Mile) for the foreseeable future due to landslips the official finish for 2022 will be at the Jenolan Caves Cottages which the previous course goes past. This essentially removes the last 4km of the course previously used. There is a new 4km loop added at the end of Black Range, details here

The Race Committee is still working with key stakeholders (RFS, traffic management and bus company) to finalise details for spectator access details to the new finish area on race day and also the shuttle buses back to Katoomba​

If your runner retires on course your runners name and bib number are recorded by the nearest Aid Station on course and relayed to the finish line. 

When the information is available the withdrawn runner name and bib number will be added to a list on the white board next to the Medical Tent at the finish line. If you have any questions please go to the Information Desk and they can also try to find out more information for you.