Important update for 2022 race

There are several significant situations that will impact the conduct and structure of the 2022 race and the race committee wanted to provide you all with an update as to these and our plans in place.


Firstly, our thoughts are with those in the Greater Sydney Area and now regional NSW as well as other cities and states who are impacted by the extensive lockdowns due to the Delta COVID outbreak.


The first hurdle for the 2022 race we face is not in fact COVID related but is instead the substantial flood damage to the roads leading to Jenolan Caves immediately after the 2021 race. The race committee has been in regular contact with Transport NSW and Caves House and they have now formally advised us that the main entry road, called Five mile, has been so badly damaged that it will remain closed for at least the next 12 months and probably longer until substantial engineering works can be completed. In addition, the alternate route, called Two Mile via Oberon has only been partially reopened to the top car park 2 only and is still subject to landslide danger and is not open for general traffic. We also know that even if Two Mile is fully reopened it will not support the size and volume of traffic needed to convey the race organisation and field in and out of the Caves House area. There is more information and some photos of the extensive damage and the impact to Jenolan Caves Road on the Transport for NSW website 


Based upon this advice from the government bodies the race committee have decided that we will plan for the 2022 race with an alternate finish location. We have already researched and identified some alternate options with the goal of trying to retain as much of the original course and distance as possible and still race on the same date of March 12th, 2022. Further work on the ground to finalise the revised course and finish will be conducted as soon as the current lockdown laws enable the committee members to travel to the region and start discussion with all stakeholders for approvals.


The second hurdle we face is for our potential entrants being able to qualify given the cancellation due to COVID of many listed qualifying events in the last few months. As a 2021 entrant you will not be impacted by this if you finished the 2021 race in under 7:00. However if this is not the case for you the race committee have decided that we will employ the same flexibility we adopted for qualifying for the 2021 race and have extended the eligible qualifying window back to July 2018. There are more details on the website and this page will be further updated as we review the status of qualifying races that were scheduled from June 2021 through to November. We are still planning on opening entries in late November, but this will be subject to current COVID related lockdowns being relaxed between now and then, we will keep you updated of exact entry date. If you are planning on entering the 2022 race and after reading through the details on this page on the website and believe you would have been able to qualify but that you now will not have or be able to use a suitable qualifier from these changes in eligible dates and events please contact us at to discuss your circumstances.


The race committee is focused on preparing for our 2022 race and are working now on all the changes needed as a result of the above two key hurdles, we will keep you updated as things become more certain.


In the meantime , once again our thoughts are with all those impacted by the current lockdowns, especially those who are unable to use their running as an outlet. Please check in with your fellow runners and friends during these trying times and if you are personally feeling challenged take advantage of counselling services or other services like Lifeline and Beyond Blue