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General race details

The Six Foot Track is a 45km trail from the Explorer's Marked Tree, near Katoomba, to Jenolan Caves. It is an iconic race that holds a special place in the hearts of many runners. Whether you are running this race for the first time, or the 30th, we hope you will have an amazing experience in this beautiful part of the Blue Mountains. Each runner that finishes the Six Foot Track marathon in 7:00 hours or less receives a medal. Every runner who takes part in the race regardless if you were over 7.00 hours or if you didn't finish at all, still receives a kit bag.  

Special Six Foot Track Marathon additional awards

There are additional awards presented to those runners who achieve certain milestones of number of official finishes as follows:

  • 6 official finishes - Buckle or Lapel pin

  • 12 official finishes - Belt

  • 18 official finishes - Personalised vest

  • 24 official finishes - Living Legend which includes the presentation of a lifetime sequential Six Foot Track Marathon race number and a personalised frame

  • 30 official finishes - Personalised plate


Race cut off time

The official race cutoff time is 7:00 hours. All runners who finish 7:00 or under are acknowledged as having officially finished and this will count towards their overall race finish tally. 

All competitors need to achieve a comparative qualifying time at a listed event which equates to a Six Foot Track Marathon time of under 7:00 hours.


We have official race sweepers who run at the back of the field. These sweepers are designated race officials and may at any time, using their experience and discretion ask a runner to withdraw at an aid station if they believe that runner will be unable to complete the course within set limits. This is to ensure our volunteer aid stations are able to be packed down and cleared within confirmed timeframes. Some runners may still complete the course after the time limit of 7:00 hours but before the sweepers, but this will not count as an official finish.

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