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Aid stations

For 2021 the aid stations will be quite different to previous years. The only food items available will be whole bananas. Because of COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to have the usual watermelon or loose lollies. We are also conscious of leaving rubbish along the Six Foot Track so decided that individually packaged items would not be provided either. What this means is that runners will have to provide all of their nutritional needs except for bananas. This means you must carry your own supplies of lollies, gels, salt tablets, etc.

Runners must carry the collapsible reusable cup provided at registration or another fluid carrying item such as a hand held bottle, waist belt bottle or backpack bladder.

The race day fluids available will include supplies from our sponsor Tailwind Nutrition Australia, water and at some aid stations Coca Cola. We are providing some specific information below in regards to Tailwind Nutrition so entrants are able to plan and make decisions ahead of time in regards to their own potential needs on race day.

Each entrant needs to plan their race nutrition intake. If you require a specific brand/flavour/strength of sports nutrition or other intake such as gels or salt tablets other than water, then you do need to plan to be self sufficient to satisfy these needs. 

No disposable cups

We do not use disposable cups in our race. As a result we save around 40,000 cups from going into landfill. Instead we provide every runner at registration with a squeezable and collapsable 200ml cup. Each aid station will have drums fitted with a spring tap, as well as jugs to be able to use to fill your disposable cup or other fluid carrying item. The RFS volunteers will help you fill your cups or bottles where possible. In addition to the reusable cup (or instead of) you can carry your own bladders, bottles or flasks.

Runners are responsible for their own hydration plan. Please do not bypass the refill stations just to save time.

Tailwind Nutrition general information

Tailwind is designed to satisfy the three key needs for runners in one simple combination. These specific needs are; to replace or top up fluid, electrolytes and calorie/sugars in the body as they are being consumed. The general concept behind Tailwind Nutrition is to ensure that in one drink you satisfy all of these components eliminating the need for supplements often used in addition, such as gels and salt replacement tablets.

On race day Tailwind at the aid stations will be mixed in a ratio of 200 calories per 500mls of water which is the approximate ratio that an average person is able to consume/absorb on an hourly basis. So if you consume this 500mls per hour you are taking on board both your bodies capacity to consume calories as well as electrolytes needed for that time period.

Toilet facilities

There are toilet facilities at the following locations

  • Park & Ride at Katoomba Christian Centre

  • Start line

  • Megalong Road crossing

  • Alum Creek

  • Caves Road crossing

  • Finish line








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