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Finish line buses and parking

Important note for 2021, to comply with NSW Health orders and required social distancing , our COVID safe plan does not allow for the inclusion of spectators in the finish line area

Getting people in and out of Jenolan Caves safely and in a timely manner with limited parking space and having to travel along the narrow steep winding roads present the organisers with our most significant safety and logistical challenge. 

Race Day Free Buses

All bus transportation associated with the race has been included in the race entry fee and is provided free of charge for all runners. We strongly prefer that you take advantage of the free transportation provided. There is no need to make any booking for seats on these buses.

These free buses include

  • Transport to the start line for entrants from both the race day Car Park at Katoomba Christian Convention as well as from Caves House for those staying there. 

  • Transport for all entrants from Caves House back to the race day car park at Katoomba Christian Convention, the Carrington and the Katoomba YHA. 

Parking at Finish Line

Private vehicle access to the Jenolan Caves carparks on Race Day is allowed for supporters to be able to collect runners. 

  • Private vehicles will not be permitted to proceed beyond Caves Road Crossing on Jenolan Caves Road. The only way to access the parking areas to collect runners is through the alternative route via Duckmaloi, Titania and Edith Roads (link to map). 

  • Jenolan Caves House Guests
    If you are a guest staying at Jenolan Caves on the 12th or 13th March, you will be issued, directly by Jenolan Caves House, a guest parking pass to an allocated parking spot in the Jenolan Caves parking area. You will need to display this pass on your dashboard during your stay and present it for access to the parking area.​


Buses from Jenolan Caves

Because of the very tight nature of the road into Jenolan Caves all buses need to have the road closed in both directions to both arrive and depart Jenolan Caves. As such there will be multiple waves of buses to carry runners back to Katoomba.

Runners are requested to leave Jenolan Caves on the first available bus after the race so that the number of people in the finish area does not exceed the planning figures in our COVID Safe Plan. The exception is if you feel unwell after your run you should seek medical attention or sit in the recovery area until you feel well enough to travel back to Katoomba.

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