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Finish line buses and parking

All runners and spectators should carefully read the following information. It is the dramatic descent to the finish line at Jenolan Caves, to the cheer of fellow runners, family and friends that helps make the Six Foot Track Marathon the iconic race that it has become.

However, getting people in and out of Jenolan Caves safely and in a timely manner with limited parking space and having to travel along the narrow steep winding roads present the organisers with our most significant safety and logistical challenge. 

Race Day Free Buses

All bus transportation associated with the race has been included in the race entry fee and is provided free of charge for all runners and supporters. We strongly prefer that you take advantage of the free transportation provided. There is no need to make any booking for seats on these buses.

These free buses include

  • Transport to the start line for entrants and supporters from both the race day Car Park at Katoomba Christian Convention, the YHA in Central Katoomba as well as from Caves House for those staying there. 

  • Transport for all spectators from the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba to the finish at Caves House

  • Transport for all entrants and spectators from Caves House back to the race day car park at Katoomba Christian Convention, stopping at the Carrington and the Katoomba YHA enroute. 

Buses to Caves House

There are three options for supporters to choose from to travel to the finish line.

  1. Scheduled buses directly from the start line. After the last wave has departed there will be two buses that will be waiting to take supporters directly to the finish line, they will leave at approximately 7:45am and 7.55am. Alternatively spectators can catch the last bus back (approx 8.00am) to Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC) car park to collect their car to spectate on course. This bus will also stop at the Carrington Hotel and Katoomba YHA.

  2. We have a number of buses that will depart from central Katoomba, from the bus stop outside the Carrington Hotel on Katoomba Street, at 8:00am, 8.30am and 9.00am to take supporters to the finish line. 

  3. For those that may have decided to spectate on course or who could not secure a car park at Caves house, these buses from Katoomba will also stop at the car park at the intersection of Duckmaloi Road and Caves Road between approximately 8.30am to 9.45am (approx 24km from Great Western Highway turn off).  This will enable anyone wanting to spectate at Megalong Road to do so and then drive to this location and catch a bus to the finish.

Parking at Finish Line

Private vehicle access to the general finish line precinct on Race Day will be very strictly controlled. 

  • Only pre-authorised vehicles will be permitted to proceed beyond Caves Road Crossing on Jenolan Caves Road. 

  • Only private vehicles displaying a Jenolan Caves House guest or pre-issued Six Foot Track Marathon Race Day parking pass (see below) will be permitted to proceed to Caves House on the alternative route via Duckmaloi, Titania and Edith Roads (link to map) to park in a pre-allocated parking spot at Jenolan Caves House.

  • Jenolan Caves House Guests
    If you are a guest staying at Jenolan Caves on the 13th or 14th March, you will be issued, directly by Jenolan Caves House, a guest parking pass to an allocated parking spot in the Jenolan Caves parking area. You will need to display this pass on your dashboard during your stay and present it for access to the parking area.

  • Special needs access
    We have a number of parking spaces for special needs access. You may apply for one if you or your supporters are unable to travel by coach. If your application is approved you will be issued with a Race Day parking pass which you need to display on your dashboard during the day and present it for access to the parking area.

  • Running Club buses
    Running clubs are encouraged to travel as a group to and from Six Foot in a mini-bus or coaster to enhance the camaraderie on the day and ensure that fewer tired runners drive home. Letters have been issued to prominent NSW running clubs outlining the scheme. 

  • Private people movers.
    You may apply for a parking pass if you are planning to travel as a pooled group in a vehicle legally carrying 6 or more passengers. If your application is approved you will be issued with a Race Day parking pass which you need to display on your dashboard during the day and present it for access to the parking area.

To apply for special needs access, running club buses or private people mover passes please email with the following details:

  • Running Club Name (if applicable):

  • Contact name and phone number:

  • Reason for special parking access - special needs, running club bus or private people mover:

  • Number of passengers the vehicle is licenced to carry:

  • Vehicle make, model and rego number:

Please note:

  • All special parking space allocations will be made at the discretion of the race committee.

  • Allocation of a parking space is made on the condition you undertake not to take BYO alcoholic beverages to the finish line. Non-compliance will be a factor in deciding allocations in future years.

  • If you are planning to drink alcohol at the finish line, do not drive, use the complimentary bus service provided.


Buses from Jenolan Caves

Because of the very tight nature of the road into Jenolan Caves all buses need to have the road closed in both directions to both arrive and depart Jenolan Caves. As such there will be three waves of buses to carry runners and supporters back to Katoomba.


Please refer to the bus guide for detailed information on the bus times. In summary the first wave of buses will be leaving by 1.15 pm, for anyone on a tight timeframe to get back to Sydney or ongoing transport. There will be a middle group of buses departing from around 2.30pm and then a final group until all supporters have departed which could be up to 4:30pm.

All times are subject to traffic management control. Each bus will have the ability to drop people back off at the Duckmaloi Rd car park, the Carrington Hotel and YHA in central Katoomba, and finally the car park at Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC). There may also be the opportunity to organise a drop off along the way, e.g. Blackheath, but you will need to speak directly with the bus driver.

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